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There may be some apprehension when you take your child for their first dental appointment, but getting their first dental exam by age 1 is vital in preventing decay and cavities. Studies have shown that many children can get their first cavity by the age of 2 if their oral health care is not looked after. To prevent early childhood infections, be sure to bring them into West Valley Pediatric Dentistry to get a professional, pediatric exam.

When you go to a pediatrician, there are many things you can count on since they specialize in helping children’s teeth develop and stay healthy. They accommodate your child’s size with smaller dental equipment, specifically designed for their dental care but also their comfortability being in a dentist office. Toys and fun décor provide another comfortable experience for a child where they can enjoy coming to the dentist.

Things to discuss when first visiting your child’s dentist include:

– Proper care for their mouth
– Fluoride use
– How to stop bad oral habits such as thumb sucking
– Preventing accidents to the face or mouth
– Development milestones
– Your child’s oral health and diet
– Your child’s history

Dr. Samuel Bailey and our team here in Taylorsville, Utah, focus on your child’s preventative care to ensure they receive the oral care they need to have a lifetime of good dental health. Call us at 801-417-8080 to schedule your child’s next or even first dental exam today!