For children who get extremely nervous about going to the dentist or who are being treated with complex procedures, West Valley Pediatric Dentistry offers in-office IV sedation in Taylorsville, Utah. This means that your child can receive special care to help them relax while still being treated in a familiar place. IV sedation is a controlled sedation by a trained CRNA and our pediatric dentists. Dr. Bailey and Dr. Cayla are highly trained and experienced to safely administer IV sedation and monitor your child. If you feel that your child may benefit from IV sedation, please contact us at 801-417-8080 and schedule an appointment to talk with our pediatric dentists.

Does the thought of going to the dentist make your child feel anxious? If so, he or she may benefit from IV sedation at our office. IV sedation is considered a moderate to deep sedation, meaning your child will not remember much of what happened during the procedure.

IV sedation acts much quicker than oral sedation or nitrous oxide because it is administered through a vein. Doctors are also able to adjust the amount of sedation that is needed throughout the procedure, allowing your child to be the most comfortable during the treatment. The effects of IV sedation typically wear off after 12-24 hours; due to the lengthy recovery time, it is important to have a family member or other responsible adult stay with your child for some time afterwards.

Getting IV sedation is a good option for patients who suffer from dental anxiety, those who are young, and those with extensive treatment needs. Anxiety may come when your child comes in for a new treatment, or from the normal sights and sounds of a dental office; if this is the case for your child, IV sedation could help him or her feel more relaxed during the visit. Discuss any concerns or questions with our pediatric dentists beforehand, and our team will ensure that your child is comfortable during his or her treatment. We invite you to contact us today to learn more!