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Encouraging children to brush and floss is difficult for many parents. Maybe changing something simple is all it will take to help a child enjoy dental hygiene. This can take a little creativity, so Dr. Samuel Bailey and our team are thrilled to give you a few ideas.

Make Up a Game
Children are naturally very playful. Take advantage of this personality trait when teaching him or her to brush and floss. The younger you start, the simpler these games can be. Just make sure to grin and look excited to get your child excited!

One game you could try is a copycat game. Brush your teeth until you have lots of foam in your mouth. Then try to say something silly, so it sounds gargled. Have your child copy back what you did. Next time, have your little one lead the copycat game. Be prepared to do things like making mustaches with your toothpaste or letting the toothpaste run down your chin.

Children’s Toothpaste
Your child’s mouth is much more sensitive than yours. Toothpaste that makes your mouth feel clean and tingly could feel like an uncomfortable burning sensation for your child. Because of this, it is incredibly important to choose a mild toothpaste flavor that your child will love. Keep in mind that toothpastes also come in fun colors!

Forming good dental hygiene habits early can help your little one begin lifelong habits. To learn more and to set up your child’s next visit with our pediatric dentists in Taylorsville, Utah, contact West Valley Pediatric Dentistry at 801-417-8080 today.