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When going to the dentist’s office for the first time, your child may experience worries or some anxiety. Some of these fears may include fear of the dentist, the level of pain they will experience, or not knowing what the dentist does. There are multiple ways to prepare your child for this trip before coming to West Valley Pediatric Dentistry, where we create a fun and inviting experience for your child and your ease of mind.

Your dentist can explain what they’re doing during the appointment, but you can prepare your child by discussing an overall idea of what the dentist will be doing. You can do this by doing a fun, pretend checkup using popsicle sticks. This way they will get excited for their real dentist checkup.

You can also prepare them by watching one of the many children’s shows based on visiting the dentist or read a story about a character visiting the dentist’s office. Do not tell them of any bad checkup you’ve experienced or how much pain there might be.

Bring a small toy or blanket to their appointment that will stay out of the dentist’s way. You can also bring a friend or family member such as a sibling. Having another person they know will give them confidence and make them feel brave.

Create good habits early on to floss every day and brush twice daily. Communicate with them how seeing the dentist twice a year makes their teeth healthy and strong for years. This will create a positive attitude towards their dental care.

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