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Teething is completely normal for all children who have teeth. As is often the case, teeth break the surface of the gums in children around 6 months of age. Unfortunately, the process can often be painful and cause distress in children, especially infants in a process known as teething.

Create an improved oral health identity with teething treatments. If your child’s oral health care requires teething treatments, remember the following:
– To help lessen pain and discomfort in your child, look for ways to help soothe them. Traditionally, you should use teething rings, a cold spoon, a gauze pad, or your finger if it is clean.
– Usual signs and symptoms that your child is teething including changes in their sleep patterns, excessive drooling, and irregular fussiness or loss of appetite.
– Children usually begin teething when the first tooth erupts, around the age of 6 months.
– Teething tablets and medications should only be given under the guidance of the child’s health care professional.
– Severe conditions may develop when teething, which include diarrhea, high fevers, chills, and sporadic rashes. If any of these symptoms befall your child, contact your child’s pediatrician.

Teething can be treated with the help of our licensed professionals at West Valley Pediatric Dentistry. To book an appointment with Dr. Samuel Bailey at our pediatric office in Taylorsville, Utah, please contact us at 801-417-8080. We look forward to helping your child achieve the successful smile they require.