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Dental fractures can be caused by several different things and they can range in severity. Even if the area of compromised tooth enamel doesn’t cause you any immediate pain or discomfort, you should still have it examined by an experienced dentist like Dr. Samuel Bailey.

As time goes on the damaged area of tooth enamel could come to trap bacterial deposits. This could gradually foster a large cavity to develop deep within the already traumatized tooth. Without timely treatment, this new area of tooth decay could threaten the pulp and root of the tooth.

Even if a new cavity doesn’t immediately develop in the tooth the compromised dental fracture could lead to a more severe dental fracture. This could cause excessive pain and potentially lead to the loss of the tooth.

The severity and location of the dental fracture will influence the treatment method Dr. Bailey recommends. A small dental fracture might be repairable with a simple amalgam or composite dental filling. If the damage is on the biting surface of a molar or premolar they might advocate using a large inlay or onlay filling. Severe dental fractures where the tooth is cracked in half or broken off at the gumline might require a root canal.

If you have suffered a dental fracture on one of your teeth and you live in the Taylorsville, Utah, area, you should call 801-417-8080 to have it examined and treated at West Valley Pediatric Dentistry.